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(IC-LEL 2020)
“The Role of Law Laboratory and Clinical Legal Education to Promote Access to Justice in Industrial Revolution 4.0”

Law Laboratory and Clinical Legal Education are core elements in Indonesia legal education. These two programs are to equip law students with professional skills and ethics. Law Laboratory has been widely acknowledged in Indonesia Legal Education System in the last 20 years. Meanwhile, clinical legal education has just emerged and implemented in certain universities only in the last 5 years. In law laboratory context (or known as legal training & skills/ PLKH courses), students are prepared to be able practicing the law by means of legal practice simulations. In clinical legal education (also known as law clinic), students are designed to get involved in real cases, real client, and real society. In other words, legal clinic is a legal practice area for law faculty students. Most of Clinical Legal Education programs, including in Faculty of Law Sriwijaya University, the mission is promoting access to justice.
The Indonesian Law Laboratory Association (ALHI) is an association where the law laboratory managers throughout Indonesia gather to share and discuss the development of a legal laboratory in Indonesia. ALHI holds regular annual meetings which take place alternately at ALHI member universities in Indonesia. This year, the ALHI conference is going to be an international event. The International Conference on Law Laboratory and Clinical Legal Education would be the first conference focusing on developing Law Laboratory and Clinical Legal Education. This conference is the Indonesian Law Laboratory Association (ALHI) conference which provides the opportunity for academics, scholars, and managing officers of law laboratory to gather and discuss various issues, especially law laboratory curriculum development.
In recent decades, social justice has been a worldwide issue. Moreover, social justice has become a movement in some developing countries. One of important issues in social justice is access to justice which is how everyone could get access to justice regardless their background, race, religion, or their economic condition. Therefore, the “The Role of Law Laboratory and Clinical Legal Education to Promote Access to Justice in Industrial Revolution 4.0”